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AirPhotoNav is a low cost and high performance complete solution (software & hardware) which allows to cover in vertical or in sideway pictures areas of any sizes and any forms and routes (roads, railways, rivers…) of any distance to be used to generate orthophotos & digital terrain models on the return from flight with specialized software such as PhotoScan.

Designed to be used on single engine aircrafts, microlights, helicopters, it’s more light, flexible and economical than the traditional system planned for heavy planes.

The system is customizable to meet customer’s needs and is compatible with most of cameras available on the market, including medium format (Phase one, Hasselblad…) or 24x36 format (Canon MkIII, 5DS and Nikon D800, D810…).

After development stage, our system has been heavily tested with 2 pre-production versions and used during 3 years in real conditions by aerial survey operators out of nearly 800 hours of flight and 700 projects (each counting 3 to 11.000 pictures and covering areas of 1 to 800 km², some having ground resolution of 1 pixel per cm that involves high frame rate of 2 pictures per second).


AirPhotoNav system is delivered complete and ready for use, it contains the software and hardware to manage flights, to calculate shot points and to control camera(s):


Main features of AirPhotoNav software


Specific development for civil or military application: We can review your requests to develop variants specifically for civil or military usage, our system can interact with many kinds of sensors and actuators (f.e. geo-located drop of charges).


AirPhotoNav demo : creating a flight plan & flight simulation


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